‘Tusk’ Trailer

Roughly one year ago on an episode of Kevin Smith’s podcast, Smodcast, the idea for a movie about a man who turns another man into a walrus, was born. Where some would laugh (nervously) and move on with their day/week/lives, Smith saw an opportunity and being the true pioneer he is, chased that mother down and seduced it into a flick.

I had the pleasure of seeing the first 30 minutes of that flick at Death Ray Comics last month and I’ve been chomping at the bit for more ever since. Smith premiered the trailer for his upcoming horror walrus flick today at San Diego Comic Con and through the magical power of the internet, you can see it too, from the comfort of your own home, right now.

Without further ado, the trailer for “Tusk,” perhaps the most highly anticipated movie Smith has ever made… at least by me.

Let us TUSK. #WalrusYes