‘Star Wars:’ Nick Gillard

Nick Gillard is one of the most amazing men I’ve ever met and had the pleasure to interview. Thanks to the great crew at Salt Lake Comic-Con, I was able to interview Mr. Gillard on stage at their FanXperience. He’s not only been the fight choreographer and stunt choreographer for the Star Wars prequels, he’s been around for the Indiana Jones pictures, James Bond movies, and many, many more. 

He’s a true craftsman when it comes to stunts and sword fighting, and listening to him talk about the decisions and stories that went into his work in Star Wars was nothing short of fascinating. 

This comes as part of an episode of Full of Sith where Amy Ratcliffe and I (along with James “GONK” Floyd and my son, Anakin) report in from Origins Game Fair and Aaron Allston’s memorial service.

The guys at Bombad Radio recorded the audio of the Gillard interview and were generous enough to let us get it up on Full of Sith.

If you’d rather listen to this on iTunes, be sure to visit the Full of Sith site.