The Rock Leaked Which DC Character He’ll Be Playing!

Shazam! So either “Captain Marvel” or possibly “Black Adam” I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly excited I got when I watched this clip, posted by TotalFilm. You can tell he put a lot of thought into his answer and gave enough so comic geeks would know exactly who he was talking about. For those who don’t read the comics both “Captain Marvel” and “Black Adam” get their powers when saying the word “Shazam!” However one is good while the other is evil. I personally hope that we will see Johnson as “Captain Marvel.”

Captain Marvel and Black Adam

While I would have loved to see him as “Green Lantern” the role of “Captain Marvel” or “Black Adam” makes sense for Dwayne Johnson. He as he says in his clip able to bring good baggage to his roles. I for one would love to see a throw down with “Superman” no matter which role it is. So what do you think is this the right role for him?