New ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Images

Entertainment Weekly unveiled 13 new photos from the upcoming “Star Wars” film. They also offered some tantalizing tidbits of information that definitely shade what we know or what we think we know about the film.

You can go over to Entertainment Weekly to see their entire slideshow and read the captions, but the images that struck me most and offered the most questions to my mind are below:

This first one is easily the most exciting to me. Who is this scavenger? Why do they have BB-8 captured? This also raises so many questions about Rey as well. But the design of the mount and the scavenger shot against the sandy backdrop have just taken my breath away.

Next we have General Hux, looking very much like Toshiro Mifune in Spielberg’s “1941.” It’s almost like a Japanese Naval uniform mixed with an Imperial one. 

And I love this prequels homage with C-3P0, getting back to his roots with his red arm, similar to the rust colored coverings he had on Tatooine during his original tenure with the Lars’. (And that’s why Owen didn’t recognize him, everyone. He was a different color.)

And then we have Captain Phasma. It must just be fun to light her armour. I love the look and design and texture of it and I can’t wait to see someone doing it in person. It’s just a beautiful costume. And it makes me wonder if she really is going to be the Darth Vader of this series. Yes, I know we have Kylo Ren (which might not be his real name), but I’d be more afraid of her than some Sith-like acolyte.

Visit Entertainment Weekly for the full slideshow and their tantalizing commentary.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” comes out December 18, 2015.