Live Action Daria! I mean, it’s cool I guess..

So, they have decided over at MTV to hypothetically cast for a live action Daria movie and who better to play this unemotional, snarky teenager than Aubrey Plaza. After a poll was set up for the fans to see who they would want, Plaza stood out above the rest and actually agreed to it via Twitter, should it happen.  I mean, she has already been playing Daria for years anyway..

I mean, just look at those eyes. Plaza looks like she is posing for a photo and trying her best to smile, but much like The Captain in How I Met Your Mother, her eyes stay cold and solemn. They even faux cast a lot of other roles for the movie and did a great job, in my opinion. After about 11,000 votes being cast, and Plaza being contacted about this via Twitter, she even responded with a Daria-esque, “Fine, I’ll do it.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing if any other of the hopeful candidates accept the roles cast onto them by the MTV online poll. If they get even just a couple more of the people listed, it could be the start of an exciting new trend, where we the people get to decide who it is we want filling the roles of beloved fictional characters. I’m looking at you, Nathan Drake, as portrayed by Marky Mark…and not Nathan Fillion…