INTERVIEW: Darren Hayes

Darren Hayes, the former front man of Savage Garden and superstar solo artist in his own right, joined the Full of Sith podcast in order to talk about Star Wars and fandom. 

It was a great interview where we spoke of Darren’s collecting (and penchant for Burger King Star Wars glasses), his forays into the Star Wars RPG (his lightsaber was purple), and what Star Wars has meant to him over the years. 

Here’s the official description of the episode:

Episode XLIII: Darren Hayes

Mike, Bryan, and Consetta are joined by Darren Hayes of musical fame (both solo and with Savage Garden) to talk about his time as a Star Wars fan. They discuss his fandom, his audition for Revenge of the Sith, collecting habits, and Darren’s time playing the Star Wars RPG, among many other things.

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