An Interview with Andre Gower & Ryan Lambert

Everything old is new again. Hollywood loves its remakes and reboots. A tried and tested concept that comes with a built-in audience and an opportunity to attract a new generation of viewers is just way more appealing to studios than taking a chance on an original story. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with sequels or re-imaging of beloved properties, as long as the new new adds to the legacy of the original rather than leveraging it just to sell tickets. 80’s staples such as The Last Starfighter, The Goonies and Gremlins are beloved by many but what about another Generation X cult classic like The Monster Squad? It’s important to understand that The Monster Squad is more than just an introduction to the Universal Monsters monster mash. It’s an anatomy/educational lesson as well. The most important lesson being Wolfman’s Got Nards. Nostalgia aside, the documentary of the same name (Wolfman’s Got Nards) explores it’s thirty year plus impact on film and fandom. I got a chance to speak to The Monster Squad Stars Andre Gower and Ryan Lambert at the Denver Comic Con 2018.

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