An Evening With Kevin Smith at Wiseguys Comedy Club

Kevin Smith recently spent two nights in Salt Lake City making a total of four appearances at Wiseguys in West Valley Sunday and Monday. His patented “Evening With” is a departure from mainstream standup taking more of a question and answer method, though Smith is able to make with the funny even when answering seemingly mundane questions.

“We have two hours and fifteen minutes together, which may seem like a long time, but if you know me it really isn’t” Smith said during the 7:00 PM show on Monday night. His prediction proved to be true as Smith fielded less than ten questions during that time using each opportunity to speak at length, sharing anecdotes and giving the audience insight into what he has done and what he still plans to do.

During the course of the night he was asked about a recent implication that he would revisit the View Askewniverse with a sequel to 1995’s “Mallrats.” The movie in question is one of Smith’s least successful in terms of box office but found an audience on DVD and is considered a fan favorite. Smith confirmed that he is indeed working on a sequel to the cult film and is about halfway done with the script. Smith indicated that the movie would be a memorial of sorts for Jim Jacks a producer for Universal who was always a big supporter of Smith and crusader for a Mallrats sequel.

More than twenty years ago before “Mallrats” hit theaters Jacks had asked Smith about a sequel and he jokingly responded that his idea would be “Mallrats 2: Die Hard in a Mall” Smith didn’t confirm what the nature of the sequel would actually be but based on his motivation for doing the movie it’s reasonable to assume he’ll stick with the original plan until we hear otherwise. Smith did confirm that everyone would be returning to reprise their roles and that Brodie Bruce (Jason Lee) would return and have a child. He also revealed the name of the child in question, Brodie, being the proprietor of the fictional version of The Secret Stash and lover of comic books would bring that love into the flesh naming his child Banner Bruce.

According to Smith, “Mallrats 2” will shoot early next year. Also on the docket are the next two installments of what he has dubbed “The True North Trilogy” which began with Tusk, will continue with “Yoga Hosers” and conclude with “Moose Jaws,” as well as “Clerks III.”

Smith played to sold out crowds at Wiseguys Sunday and Monday and maintained his reputation as being a filmmaker who in another universe might be your best friend. While Smith makes a yearly pilgrimage to the beehive state for the Sundance Film Festival, these shows mark only the second time he has come in this capacity after his first Utah get together last year at Death Ray Comics.

If you’re interested in keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in Smith’s world, he produces a weekly podcast “Smodcast” wherein you can get the most up to date information about what he’s doing, even if it’s just hanging out with his friend and producer Scott Mosier. I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention the “NetHeads” podcast also on Smith’s Smodcast Podcast network and hosted by our very own Trent Hunsaker.

Snootch to the Nootch.