Chiwetel Ejiofor Cast as the MCU’s Baron Mordo!

There have been many rumors and fancasts circulating the nerdly reaches of the internet regarding this particular role. Who could fill the shoes of Doctor Strange’s nemesis? Everyone from Daniel Bruhl to Oscar Issac, Al Pacino (um, no) to Daniel Day Lewis (also WOW no), Ralph Fiennes to *insert middle aged white dude here* had a vote tossed into the ballot box, but it’s Chiwetel Ejiofor who has won the poll. Thank Christ. 

Those of you that are familiar with my particular philosophies know that I do, in fact, support the casting of Chiwetel Ejiofor in every movie ever made. As a matter of fact, I also support the retroactive digital insertion of him in films that are already complete, Jabba style. Wait – like, not in Jabba form, but see George Lucas went back and added… Nevermind. You got me.

I have to admit that “Doctor Strange” was the title I was most dancey about after “Captain Marvel.” But with each casting announcement I got a little less enthused. Even about my Alien Queen Goddess Tilda. But with this news my excitement has renewed, and I would like to address the real pressing questions.

  • Transylvanian accent: yeah? I’m kinda down with it.
  • The collar. You think that trademark bit of costuming is going to stick? 
  • You think there’s gonna be time travel? I kind of don’t want that. But then again, there could be Cap action what with the Nazis and all.
  • Oh my god what if Martin Freeman is playing Dormammu? I just made myself snort on that one. Oh wait, nevermind. He’s in “Civil War,” not this movie. 

In closing, Chiwetel Ejiofor is awesome and Stan Lee is probably rolling around on a pile of cash screaming “Excelsior,” and my excitement for the MCU “Doctor Strange” is officially reignited.