‘Captain America: Civil War’ Teams Revealed

A few days back, Jeremy Renner let slip that his Hawkeye will be taking Captain America’s side in “Captain America: Civil War”, but now it appears the full rosters of both, Cap & Iron Man’s teams, have been leaked!

It looks like Iron Man, War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther, and The Vision will be facing off against Captain America, Hawkeye, Sharon Carter, Falcon, Bucky Barnes, and Ant-Man (can you spot him?).

This is an interesting divide in The Avengers, but I like it, so count me on board. I’m also loving that Sharon Carter will apparently be playing a bigger role in this film, standing by Cap! Now that the rosters have been set, we will have to wait to see how this all shakes out when our beloved Avengers split and go toe-to-toe with one another on May 6, 2016!

Source: Mr. Sunday Movies

Any surprises for you with these teams?! Sound off in the comments!