Aliens and Predators, Oh My!


I’ve got good news and bad news everyone:

Bad news first:

Bloody Disgusting‘s posting rumors that Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios is slated to produce a Predator “Reboot.” However, this team of commandos is up against more than one group of intergalactic hunters. Sadly, these franchises don’t know when to quit movie wise…

And now, the good news!

I’ve been on an Alien trilogy (the fourth one doesn’t count, it’s a piece of shit) kick the past few days and have been scouring the internet nerdy alien life cycles, merchandise photos and old TV ads. I managed to find out that Sega and Gearbox are currently developing a FPS based on the film franchise and the game is due out sometime this year on PS3, XBOX360 and PC. From what I’ve gathered the game takes place shortly after Alien 3 and puts you in the ranks of a USMC unit investigating the whereabouts of Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop. From what I’ve seen it looks pretty solid and knowing that Gearbox is one of the developers responsible for Halflife and porting Halo to PC, it seems to be in good hands.