The Wizeguy: I Don’t Know What Day It Is

I’m a fan of time loop series/episodes. Especially ones with unique takes or mechanics to their routines. As we’re all social distancing at home, sometimes feeling like we’re stuck in our own loop. While things around here don’t come close to say, Russian Doll or LOST‘s ‘The Constant’ … I’m feeling the need to become unstuck in time.

So, it’s up a few minutes before the alarm. Walk twenty feet to my office. Fire up the work tower, log in to the virtual desktop and start pulling my first round of reports. Then I shower, dress and start the coffee maker. I finish the reports, eat breakfast, clear out emails and check the calendar. My job duties are in effect now so I throw on some background noise: a movie, podcast, Youtube, etc. I also attend a few meetings. Lunch around noon. In the PM, I take walk one of at least three minimum jaunts per day. Also, each walk is give or take 20 minutes. I wrap up work. Walk the dogs, heat up dinner, watch a show, either play video games, write or read and brush my teeth then get to bed.

I’m lucky and I know It. I’ve only suffered the inconveniences of “quarantine”. Compared to those whose encounters with trauma and tragedy have changed them forever, blessed is a word that comes to mind. I miss movie theaters. They’re home to me. The pervasive smell of popcorn, the newer style recliners that Megaplex chains are so proud of and even the 15 minutes of previews littered with local ads. I just love them. I love takeout and delivery, especially from my local favorites. But there’s nothing like a delicious, long and lackadaisical meal at an awesome restaurant. I miss hanging out with my homies and playing records late into the night at taprooms and watering holes. Support and patronize your neighborhood hot spots to help them out.

Anyways, I’ve watched enough of these shows that when I see one of these characters stuck looping on that flat circle of time ’round and ’round I’ve been able to learn a little better how to live my own life. Got a bad feeling about something? Ask for help. Don’t play God, play good samaritan. Confronting the problem is often the only solution. Nothing good comes from dwelling on the past. For every decision, there’s a consequence – choose wisely. Prepare for—and accept—the worst. Don’t obsess over fixing your mistakes. You can’t change your fate, but you can change the fate of others. Look, In the film Groundhog Day, the main character played by Bill Murray eventually uses the time loop to not only better himself but also the lives of those around him. Be like Phil Connors or Bill. Follow that example.

I’m going to focus on Timequake by Kurt Vonnegut and Zoom calls. They are really good for the mental state. It definitely helps to see faces. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. We’re all in this together.

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