The First ‘Iron Fist’ Trailer

The first trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series “Iron Fist” that hasn’t been all teaser has arrived over the weekend. It’s nice that the New York Comic Con is in the October because we get wonderful pop-culture updates as early trick-or-treats. In the case of the “Iron Fist” trailer, it’s all treats. It’s very clear that the Defenders are on everyone’s minds and Marvel isn’t going to let us forget as the trailer mentions the arrival of the final Defender even before the heroes have created the team itself. 

The rest of the trailer is martial arts delights peppered with villains and Danny Rand’s glowing Iron Fist. I know I’m not the only fan to pump my fist in glee when Danny Rand (played by Finn Jones) appears bare chested and tattooed with Shou-Lao the Dragon. I just hope we get to see a fight with the undying dragon in the mystical realm of K’un L’un. What we definitely get to see is the return of Madame Gao, last seen in “Daredevil”. We were teased with the Steel Serpent emblem of Davos in season 1 of “Daredevil”. Its placement was all over Madame Gao’s illegal activities, so it’s safe to assume fans are in for some martial arts showdowns with Iron Fist’s arch nemesis Davos next Spring. The Trick part of this early Halloween gift from NYCC is that fans now have to be patient in the face of the anticipation this trailer creates. Netflix will premiere the full season of Marvel’s “Iron Fist” March 17, 2017.