WIP Robotech Tactics Rules Posted!

Robotech RPG Tactics is still going strong with it’s Kickstarter campaign, having just passed $400,000.00in pledges. The sheer number of miniatures keep racking up, but we still know next to nothing about how the game plays! That all changes today: Palladium Books just posted a look at the work-in-progress rules, which you can find here.

Anyone who has played GURPS or any other Palladium games will notice a lot of familiar territory. It’s also cool to see that you can play just about any size battle, from a small skirmish to a full on war! I’m thinking about putting together a giant rings of Saturn battleground for this game!

Robotech RPG Tactics should ship sometime in December, 2013. For a look at what’s shipping in the Battlecry level of the Kickstarter, click here!