LEGO Ideas Reveals ‘Big Bang Theory’ Playset

We’ve known this was coming for a few months now, and here we have our first look at the LEGO Ideas “Big Bang Theory” playset. 


Big Bang Theory Apartment


The official product description:


Indulge your inner genius and build this LEGO® version of Leonard and Sheldon’s living room as seen in the hit American sitcom The Big Bang Theory! This set was created by two LEGO fan designers-Alatariel from Sweden and Glen Bricker from the USA-and selected by LEGO Ideas members. Featuring loads of authentic details to satisfy all The Big Bang Theory devotees and including minifigures of all seven main characters from the show, it’s ideal for display or role-play fun. Includes 7 minifigures with assorted accessory elements: Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette. 


The set will be available August 1st, at a $59.99 price point.  Which is a better price than I expected–I may be moving from the “I can pass this one up” camp into the “I’ll probably get this, but I won’t be proud of it.” camp. More pics of the minifigures and packaging:  


Sheldon Minifigure


Leonard Minifigure


Penny Minifigure


Howard Minifigure


Raj Minifigure


Big Bang Theory Packaging


Whew. Made it through that whole thing without saying “Bazinga.”