‘Game of Thrones’ Inspired Jewelry from MEY Designs

Do you know the greatest thing about genre shows like “Game of Thrones” becoming wildly popular? I mean, of course there’s the whole “acceptance of fantasy as serious business and I don’t get made fun of as much” thing, but mostly I’m referring to the fact that I can get cool jewelry and clothes inspired by the nerdery that I hold so dear. 

Back when I was a wee lass, we had neither the Hot Topic nor the Internet. If I wanted nerdy clothes I had to save cereal box tops or luck out at the thrift store. MAC hadn’t done any cool team ups, and even if they had the nearest MAC counter was about a two hour drive. But now? Heavens. Rick Baker did a line for MAC. Thinkgeek has allowed me to wear a Serenity charm on my Pandora bracelet (and also a D20 – the line to buy me drinks forms to the left, fellas). But fandom has even breached the novelty stores and spread to everyday places like Target. Kohl’s had so much Star Wars stuff that I now have a closet full of kind-of office appropriate Star Wars items!

But let’s face the music. I’m nearing 40. My days of purchasing costume Mockingjay pendants and nickel plated Stormtrooper rings are drawing to a close. Probably. I’m never going to hide or be ashamed of who I am (i.e. someone who makes notes in the margin of her annotated copy of “The Hobbit”), but now I want the world to know that I’m a nerd with exquisite taste. 

Enter MEY Designs. It’s what you get when you combine an incredible costume designer and two British Fashion Award finalists. Michele Clapton is perhaps more integral to the immersive storytelling in “Game of Thrones” than the breathtaking locations, and the artistry of Yunus and Eliza leaps from fashion to art to industrial design and then right back to fashion. The collaboration that makes up MEY Designs will release 22 pieces featured in and inspired by “Game of Thrones,” more specifically inspired by Daenerys Targaryen.

The line will feature two items that were worn by Dany in season five and two items that will appear in season six.The remaining 18 pieces range from stacking rings to pendants to – are you ready for this? – neck sculptures. You guys. Neck sculptures

“Hey, what are you wearing to the Street Fighter tourney at the comic shop tonight?” “Oh, you know, probably like some boyfriend jeans, my motorcycle boots, and my BAD ASS DRAGON NECK SCULPTURE.”

I kid. That work of art is more appropriate for the coolest wedding ever, not the Street Fighter tourney. Also we don’t call each other to ask what we’re wearing. I digress. 

I am already coveting the dragon egg and the hand wrap.

The cost of these works of art start at $100 USD, and increase up to a “top end of limited edition collectors’ items,”  and the line will launch on June 30, 2016. You can sign up for notifications at MEY Design’s website, and you can follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook