An Interview with Sylvain Neuvel

Sylvain Neuvel and big shiny robots are a perfect match. The Themis Files author grew up watching shows like Grendizer and Voltron and imagined himself piloting the big mechs. Don’t get it twisted, Neuvel’s take on this isn’t one where you dream of explosions, think primarily in Limp Bizkit songs or lease several badass sports cars. It is a personal story. Operating from a place of real and intimate knowledge and not imitating them. Sleeping Giants, the first book in the series, is an impressive novel. Rather than a straightforward story, the substance of the book is revealed through a series of interviews. It starts with an event, you meet each character through an interview and the picture starts to come together one piece at a time. The results is a story you become engaged with, much to your benefit.

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