An Interview with Kristen Simmons

Pirates have inspired many a song, theme park ride, film & story. There was once an age where piracy upon the sea was rife, and where traveling from point A to point B was a peril-filled adventure. The world was a pretty unsafe place back in the day… well, it still is. Pacifica by Kristen Simmons is a pretty topical novel. I mean, it is a dystopian tale but the source material that is pulls from (Japanese-American internment camps, global warming, etc) is the now now. I didn’t know there was such a thing as Cli-Fi (Climate Fiction). Fictional books that somehow or someway bring real climate change science to the reader. Real science as a vehicle that can help us imagine and think about the “what ifs.” 

I got a chance to speak to Kristen at the Denver Comic-Con. We talked about sailing lessons, CliFi & Pirates. 

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