Is a Character From the Untitled ‘Han Solo’ Film Named in the New Star Wars Book?

This post will contain spoilers for a story in Star Wars: From A Certain Point of View.

Admittedly, the headline is ridiculous, but it’s a compelling theory, so, here we go:

In “The Luckless Rodian,” by Renee Ahdieh, we get a story focused on Greedo, the hapless bounty hunter that Han fries in the Mos Eisley Cantina, just after accepting a job from Obi-Wan Kenobi. We learn that Greedo and Han have a long history and it extends beyond the confines of the regular bounty hunter and bounty relationship.

There was a woman between them.

One that Greedo wanted and was, quote, “everything Greedo cherished in a woman.”

But she chose Han Solo. 

Her name? Uncelta.

For one, this is fascinating and weird. There’s a woman shared in the history between Greedo and Han Solo. There’s a lot of interesting possibilities there. And if Han’s taste in woman and Greedo’s lines up, does that mean Greedo would have been interested in Leia?

But this character, Uncelta, is mentioned only in passing. This is her first mention in the world of Star Wars. And, although, they’ve said that this book is “canon-ish,” it does reference things from The Last Jedi like Canto Bight and things in the comics like Black Krrsantan and Doctor Aphra. It is not outside the realm of possibility that she is a part of the still-filming Han Solo film.

Could Uncelta be Emilia Clarke’s character in Han Solo? Could she be Thandie Newton’s character? 

Could she be an alien and not human at all? Yes. (Which could say a lot about Han.) Could she be someone made up entirely for this book and not connected to the film in any way? Absolutely.

I’d even say probably.

But I wanted to write about this. Because I love the idea of Greedo and Han fighting over a woman in their past. It adds a tragic note of failed romance to Greedo’s ultimate fate.

In any case, Star Wars: From A Certain Point of View is out. And it’s good. And there are a hundred other tidbits like this for you to find. Including Ackmena. Yes. Ackmena.