VIDEO: Top Rated Animated League of Legends, Players Fight It Out

To celebrate the World Championship, Riot games put out this fantastically animated video that has all the Championship players with the powers of their favorite characters.

I’m not always on top of the League of Legends scene. (mostly because I suck at it and can’t carry to save my life) so I talked to my good friend Unbenttomcat, a League of Legends caster for and streamer for Learn League Live, to get some perspective.


Gax: These guys are all of the top rated pros right?

Tomcat: Yes, The best of the best and it showed their favorite champions, not really their best, but because it’s their fav, they are pretty damn good with them.

Gax: How do you know what their favorits are?

Tomcat: I follow their stuff, Scarra enjoys Gragas and Katarina, and someone from that video I’m not going to say who… got Ryze nerfed and nobody saw it coming.(laughs) The non NA teams I’m a little sketchy on, some of them weren’t really disclosed until that video I assume.

Gax: Anything else to add?

Tomcat: Nope.

Gax: Tomcat..?

Tomcat: Other then this is Badass!

Gax: …


If you want to follow Unbenttomcat’s crazy antics and catch one if his live streams you can find him on twitter

Now if you’ll excuse me I think I’m going to try to Jungle with Evelynn one last time before crying softly into my Keybord…