Sailor Moon Biker Gang Poses for Pictures

Today I learned: there’s a Japanese subculture related to customized motorcycles called Bosozoku.  And a quintet of Southern California “Sailor Moon” fans decided to create a cosplay photo shoot inspired by artist Babs Tarr, who created this Bosozoku picture of the five Sailor Scouts:

As project coordinator Michelle “Chubby Bunny” Nguyen explains, “My friends and I got together to make this fun Sailor Moon cosplay shoot happen. Having grown up with the series, we are all huge Sailor Moon fans. We were inspired by Babs Tarr’s amazing Bosozoku-themed Sailor Scouts and set out to recreate it along with adding our own styling to her vision.” (via crunchyroll).

“Own styling” is right. Sailor Venus reminds me of a 1930’s pin-up girl while Sailor Mars seems to be channeling Vampirella. I think the Sailor Mercury wig and visor is very visually striking.  Just love the blue in that image.

So perhaps not for “Sailor Moon” purists, but obviously a lot of love and effort did go into these photos.

Sailor Mercury: Mandie Bettencourt, GeekyGlamorous.COM 

Sailor Moon: Michelle “Chubby Bunny” Nguyen, IamChubbyBunny