COUNTDOWN to: REVIEW – Wolverine, Prodigal Son


Do you like Wolverine?!?!!!!

I don’t…. Other than a couple cases in the movies, getting his ass beat by Deadpool, some classic Claremont moments and the 90’s cartoon, I don’t usually identify with the adamantium laced character. He’s like the walking cliché to me, ‘A man with a mysterious past who blazed in on his hog from the darkness’ or as Pee-Wee Herman put it best: “I’m a loner Dottie, a rebel!”  Whether or not you’re a fan of good ‘ol fisticuffs, Wolverine: Prodigal Son is a fairly good read.  Granted, it’s not a masterpiece that you’ll want to reread over and over again, it’s not supposed to be (and quite honestly there are very few mangas that accomplish that feat; Ranma 1/2, I”s, and of course the brilliant Avril Levigne’s Make 5 Wishes).

It’s not a retelling either, it’s more of a revamp. It starts off fairly sluggish; basically, Logan is this arrogant, cocky, fight hungry student at a Canadian karate school the likes we have never seen called “Quiet Earth”. Logan is Mr. Bad-Ass of the school as usual and beats the crap out of everyone… except for Tamara, the hot, quick daughter of sensei. The book picks up the pace around chapter 4, when young Logan and Tamara have to team up and haphazardly accomplish a trial of tests, afterwards then gets sent to New York that sets off a chain of events that are pretty engrossing and the character and story development starts to evolve. The artwork is not Wilson Tortosa’s best in this one either, but his worst is better than most manga that people cream themselves about. I sometimes found some panel choice confusing to follow in action and fighting scenes. The best part about this book was the sensei who was a bad ass with the ‘wise elder’ style. The thing about this one is that anyone can jump on board; fan-boys, non-fans, avid readers, and with new enemies such as a sultry Lady Silence who seem will kick ass later down the road (and a wet-dream for the younger readers of this paperback), it could be for good reason… not to mention this little teaser: get off my daughter

Pencilbot welcomes any other bot to share their opinion of this book baring in mind your affection to the icon. Wolverine: Prodigal Son came out not too long ago and is available everywhere.