KURATAS: A Real Life Mech Suit Has Finally Arrived

Suidobashi, a company based in Japan, has finally made my anime-driven dreams come true with their announcement that they are close to completing fully operational mech suits. They drive, they have replica “weapons,” and, most importantly, they make you feel like a Gundam pilot!

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about these, but it is the first time their amazing video has dropped in English for us to get psyched!

Even the safety video is cool!

Okay, so who has a million dollars I can borrow to get a Wing Zero made? Baldass bot threw me this idea for what could potentially be the world’s greatest Kickstarter pitch: “I need a giant mech. If you contribute one hundred dollars, I’ll send you a signed photo of me in the mech. For $500, I’ll take your picture in the mech. For $10,000 I will personally use this giant mech to destroy something valuable owned by your worst enemy. Contributions of $100,000 or more can be negotiated for more violent crimes that I’m not allowed to openly discuss.”

If you’re wondering, I’ll be building mine based on the Wing Zero model from Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz.

New to anime with mech suits and Gundams? Allow me to make some recommendations – Anything with Gundam in the title (except Seed, stay away from that garbage), The Macross Plus OAV, any of the Evangelion incarnations…I could go on, but I think one of the most fun and cool mech series out there is Full Metal Panic: Three series total = awesome fights, good plot, and a fantastic comedy/nonsense series sandwiched in the middle called Full Metal Panic Fummoffu.