Fan X: Jason David Frank

Jason David Frank (Best know as “Green Ranger” from “Power Rangers”) Kicked things off at “FanX”, introducing its founder Dan Farr at the opening press meeting. He was kind enough to give me an interview.


Gaxbot: Hi I’m Shawn with “Big Shiny Robot”. I’m excited to meet you. I loved “Power Rangers” when I was a kid and you played my favorite Character.

Jason David Frank: Great to meet you too.

GB: So you played the “Green Ranger” on the very first of the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” series back in the 90’s?

JDF: Yes. That was great, I’ve really embraced the Green Ranger title a lot lately and have been doing more and more with it along with other things.

GB: Ya, you’ve done a lot. You’re also a MMA fighter with 4 titles.

JDF: Yes I am, I haven’t had much time to do meany matches lately but I’m trying to get anther one under way soon. I’ve always loved fighting and sky diving and all kinds of crazy stuff. 

GB: How many martial arts are you trained in at this point?

JDF: (pause) At this point all of them really. I’m also just about to get my masters degree in Muay Thai.

GB: So when you fist started on “Power Rangers” did you think that it would get so big with the show still running today as well as cons like “Power Morphicon” going on every year.

JDF: No not at the time, but I always give it my all in everything I do. I didn’t think it would get so big but as long as you push and try hard anything can work.

GB: Good advice.

There you have it guys, I got to meet Jason David Frank today. Sometimes these press events can be stressful but I got to talk to one of my childhood hero’s who used to summon a giant robot Godzila to fight bad guys, and that’s ok with me. Just for fun I think I’ll drop a link below for his theme song. “Go Green Ranger!”