Danny Choo’s Season 2 of Culture Japan on Crunchyroll

Hey everybody! In case you missed out on this season of Culture Japan, you can now find Season 2 in its entirety on Crunchyroll. Episodes from this season explore north-eastern Japan after the major Earthquake, Wonderfestival, worldwide anime events, Otaroad, Edo Wonderland park (one of my favorite episodes), and more!

For those of you not familiar with his work, Danny Choo is pretty much the expert of popular Japanese Culture. He runs several websites, releases his own television series, and has his hand in a ton of projects with several high-profile Japanese companies. I have spent hours on his website just looking at photo articles since 2006, and there is so much to look at nowadays that there’s pretty much something for anybody even remotely interested in Japan, anime, manga, figures, etc. (He’s even hiring lots of Japanese translation and web programming gurus lately so if you think you’ve got the skills head on over to this page and check out his most recent job postings. Some come with visa sponsorship and a free plane ticket to Japan!)

Missed Season 1 of Culture Japan? You can check out the entire Digest of Season One right now: