‘Attack on Titan’ Trailer

If you haven’t watched “Attack on Titan” you’re doing yourself a disservice. While there are a few series I enjoy, Anime has never been something I’ve been hugely into. “Attack on Titan” is another matter altogether. This series sucked me in from episode one. For the uninitiated, it involves a small band of humanity, the last remnants of our once great species, caged up behind a series of massive walls that protect us from seemingly mindless predatory versions of ourselves.

Humanity has enjoyed a period of relative peace within our gilded cage but when a massive titan breaks down the perimeter wall that peace is shattered and we must once again defend ourselves against their endless and insatiable appetites.

The first season is available on Netflix and I highly recommend that you watch it, even if anime isn’t your particular cup of tea. The series has been so popular and successful that it has warranted a live action adaptation and the first trailer has been circulating around the internet for a few months now.

While I am excited at the prospect of a movie series, the first trailer didn’t impress me all that much, all of that has changed with the most recent glimpse into what’s in store.

The first of two planned movies titled simply “Attack on Titan” will release in Japan August 1, 2015 with its sequel hitting theaters the following month on September 19, 2015.

There’s no official word yet on a U.S. release but with the series’ popularity there’s good reason to believe we’ll have a chance to see it, hopefully soon.

In the meantime, here’s the latest trailer.