‘Attack on Titan’ Season Two Trailer

It’s been a while since season one of Attack on Titan hit the airwaves and captivated our imaginations. Fans of the series have been waiting patiently (or perhaps impatiently) for a second season and finally, just in time for Christmas, we’ve got a trailer and a tentative release date.

The good folks at Funimation have released a teaser trailer that introduces new elements to the story. New titans (my favorite is Beast Titan who I’m lovingly calling TitanSquatch) are revealed, threatening the city from without, and new secrets are hinted at that will threaten the city from within.

Funimation released a statement, “Attack On Titan is set to return in April 2017. See the first glimpse of the new season here in this official promotional video from Kodansha! New titans, new locations, and new human warriors as well as many familiar faces come into play this time around.”

Your move Rick and Morty.