Attack on Titan Play Set

If you’ve been following the Anime scene over the summer then I’m sure you been hearing non stop updates about Attack on Titan, and for good reason the show is fantastic! If anyone asks me what is going in Anime right now I tell them “go watch now!” Needless to say I’m becoming a fan, and for those of you who know me I have a rather sick sense of humor so this falls under that category of “ I want it, I want it, I want it!!!” This is the most adorable mass human extinction play set I have ever seen! The Titans just look so happy destroying human civilization and eating people. Can we give him just one person to eat, he just looks so sad. We don’t need Michael Bay, right? He may be a vicious man eating monster, but he has the cutest little tush! You can find the Attack on Titan Play Set on here. And the first episode of the series here.   Shawn Cogswell is the Anime journalist for Big Shiny Robot! You can find him on twitter @Gaxbot