Announcing Big Shiny Robot’s Big Shiny Girlcast!

The geek girls here at Big Shiny Robot decided to get together and start a podcast, and we’re happy to present our very first two-part test episodes to see what you think! Consider it a preview of things to come in 2012 – the Big Shiny Girlcast will release once per month and include four of your favorite Big Shiny Robot geek girl writers – Bizarrobot (Erin), Miss Mecha (Jessie), Scarlett RoBotica (Kelly), and Wonderbot (Carly).

In the podcast, we’ll be bringing you geek news and chatting about video games, comics, movies, anime, sci fi, tech and more! And, of course, we’ll feature some geek girl news that you might not be getting from your other podcasts.

Since these are test episodes, please bear with us as we had a few audio issues in Part Two and are still working out how we want to run each episode. Part One features Miss Mecha and Scarlett RoBotica chatting about Miyazaki’s next film, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Black Friday and our review of The Muppets. Part Two features all four of us chatting about conventions, the fail-tastic Wonder Woman Pilot, and TONS more! (Part one was recorded on Sunday, November 27th. Part two was recorded in September.)

To get the episode, you can subscribe to “Big Shiny Robot’s Big Shiny Podcast”  iTunes feed and download the episode “Big Shiny Girlcast – December 11” for free. Most importantly from all this, we’d like you to let us know what you think! Listen to both parts and let us know what you think works and what you think doesn’t work so great. We had a blast recording these and hope you like em!

Please leave constructive comments or criticism right underneath this post. Thanks for listening!