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Video Games

Video Game Quick Hits 1/1/13

By baldassbot on Jan 01

news is slow, so it's baldassbot's personal 2012 best of gaming


Citizen-bot's Top/Bottom of 2012

By CitizenBot on Dec 31

Citizen-bot asks: was 2012 the greatest year in film and US popular culture ever? And he hands out the razzies to the top offenders. And what made it on both lists?


The Top 10 Best & 10 Worst Marvel Animated Themes (And One That's Both)

By Shaz-Bot on Sep 20

Thrill as we count down the most memorable (not necessarily good) Marvel Animated theme songs of all time!


Ten Gifts To Tickle Your Nerd and Aid Your Wallet.

By Thomas "Zombietron" Winkley on Feb 14

Valentines Day is about showing the love, here are some suggestions on how to do it the nerdy way.


HyperZord's Top Ten TV List 2011

By HyperZord on Jan 01

My top ten favorite TV shows this year.


Best. Fathers. EVER.

By CitizenBot on Jun 19

We present you a list of the top 10 best dads ever in the world of sci-fi, fantasy, comics, movies, and TV. And then a list of a bunch of others.


The Greatest Movies You've Never Seen - Part One

By RoboShinobi on Mar 07

These are some of the greatest movies, you've never seen.


TOP TEN: Roku Channels!

By Tyson "Arse-bot" on Feb 09

Zombietron and Arse-bot break down their top ten favorite Channels on Roku!


Citizen-Bot's Top 20 / Bottom 5 Holiday specials

By CitizenBot on Dec 04

Rudolph, Frosty, The Muppets, Disney, South Park, Will Ferrell, Tim and Eric, Stephen Colbert, Star Wars, Jimmy Stewart- who will win the battle royale for holiday TV programming?


Grateful to be a Nerd

By baldassbot on Nov 24

Predictable Thanksgiving list of things geeks should be thankful for...


My Top 10 Most Attractive Females

By RoboShinobi on Oct 02

A top ten list you might be surprised by... and also why you should be watching Channel 101...


TOP TEN: Trilogies

By Kill-Tacular-Tron on Apr 28

Our guest John Norton breaks down his favorite trilogies.