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'World of Dew' by Ben Woener, RPG Review

By Big Shiny Robot! on May 25

A storytelling RPG for friends (and enemies)

Video Games

'Lost Sphear' review

By Heytherekupo on Mar 16

Lost Sphear tries to capitalize on your love of classic RPGs. It wants to take you back to a time when games were simpler and more about the journey than the destination. Does it succeed in capturing that nostalgia? Read the review and find out!

Video Games

'Secret of Mana' Review

By Heytherekupo on Feb 26

A remake of a classic and cherished RPG. Does it hold up, or does it sink before it can swim; read the review to find out!


Entertainment Is Dead Podcast

By webheadbot on Mar 05

Why do we make the choices we do in games?