Denver's annual celebration of comics, sci-fi, art and nerd culture will be held at the Colorado Convention Center, June 15th through June 17th. Special guests include actors David Tennant, Bonnie Wright, David Harbour, Billie Piper, Ron Pearlman and Molly Ringwald (among others.) Author guests include Aaron Mahnke, Naomi Novak, Charlie Jane Anders and Jeff Smith (among others!) And the Comics guests...well, this is where the Denver Comic Con really shines. Some of ones that I will be checking for are Donny Cates, DMC, Amy Chu, Greg Capullo, Matthew Rosenberg & Kat Leyh (among MANY others.) 

I dig the focus of comics, comic creators and the creative process. Unlike similar-sized events that constantly aim for bigger celebrity headliners, more outlandish booths on the show floor, and more intrusive brand activations targeting attendees, Denver Comic Con has successfully managed to scale up without losing its identity.

Denver Comic Con is three days of panels, parties and the show. This is a great opportunity to discover a new artist, writer, comic book or fan club. Do you care only about the panels? Getting some of your books signed? Grabbing a photo with the celebrities in attendance? Just want to take it all in? The very first thing I suggest doing is deciding what you want to do while you are in Denver.

Get the schedule

Denver Comic Con is awesome from the moment you walk in the door, and it’s very likely you’ll be excited or overwhelmed, or maybe a little of both. How are you gonna get through it all with the short time the weekend offers? No worries, just get the schedule. The Denver Comic Con Schedule is posted up on the site and for the technologically adept, there is an app for your smart phone to get all the info fitted neatly into your pocket to check at a whim. The Colorado Convention Center will also have WiFi to help power that app as well as your other social media services to share your experience.

Make a plan

I have a wish list of stars and creators I want to meet and my must attend panels. Be sure to check the programming guide for panels. Each celebrity will have a schedule for panels, autographs signings and photo ops. This way you can know if you should wait in a guest's line or not because they might have other commitments. It's also really helpful if you create a plan B. Sometimes panels get filled up or photo ops sell out. Always have a back up party or panel to attend.

Quench your thirst

…and hunger, really. Denver Comic Con will take a lot of energy because unlike chillin at home on the couch, you’ll be hiking all over the convention center as you complete objectives. You can save some extra cash and buy the all of the food, or you can stock up on small snacks to keep you energized throughout the day. Some like a Camelback to stay hydrated. Maybe that’s for you, or maybe you’ll carry a reusable water bottle. Either way, stay hydrated!

Keep cash safe

You're going to blow your budget but you'll love it later when you have the photo op or autograph from your favorite stars or that sketch by a top comic book artist. This is your chance to dive into a geek marketplace to find classic comics, cool art or awesome collectibles. Remember to keep your cash safe. DCC is a huge event with close quarter crowds, and a bump might knock your wallet free from your pocket. Make sure you keep your money and merch safe. If your hotel is close by, make pit stops to drop off the goods before going back for more panels or catching after parties. There might be awesome honest people who will return a dropped load of cash, but there are those who’ve gone to the dark side who won’t resist temptation. Plan for the best safety possible.


One hundred and fifteen thousand - a huge number to be gathered in one place. That number seems exponentially bigger if you can smell each individual’s unique odor when showering has been neglected. Please, please, please – for the love of nostrils – freshen up with showers at the hotel.


Being respectful is a broad topic. There will be fans in Cosplay, and there will be celebrities and others of the like. Showing respect is important, so ask if you may take pictures or video or audio because not everything is fair game for your social media. Also, let’s not harass anybody, okay? We’re all there to have a good time as part of a special niche: all things geek culture. Remember your schedule, remember your snacks, remember your money, and remember to respect yourself and each other.

Let your geek flag fly

This is 'Comic Con' - don't be self-conscious. If you want to go all out with a costume - go for it or just wear a cool t-shirt celebrating your favorite comic, sci-fi or fantasy genre. This is your chance at a second Halloween so go for it! Show respect for others who are expressing their comic or sci-fi love. Geeks come in all shapes, sizes, colors and orientations. 'Comic Con' is not the time for ridicule, objectification or unwelcome advances - this is a time for celebration of the genres we all love.


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