The following is a guest post from Daniel Yocom.

If you like your horror in smaller bites, The Hunger provides a menu worth tasting. This is a collection of short stories, flash, and poetry collected by the Utah Chapter of Horror Writers Association. All of the inclusions are from Utah writers, and most have a dash of local flavoring that doesn't hinder the fare.

The Hunger is a collection presented in a menu format, providing three courses of delicate consumption. As the reader, you have 24 selections you can work through by selecting items that appeal to your appetite. Or, like me, you can be gluttonous and devour everything from start to finish.


There are 14 entrees to choose from. The selections range from 3 to 19 pages, providing something fitting for any looking for just a small plate to a full serving. The range of tastes is also quite exquisite. Each title gives a hint of what it brings to the table. But, to get the full enjoyment of the plate, may I suggest you just dig into one.


Here we have 6 pieces of poetry providing palette cleansing. As the diner, you may choose to intermix these smaller delectables between your selections of entrees. Some prefer these selections together so they may savor the flavoring of witty word play.


Four items are available and this section concludes the menu. Here we have those which the talented staff have selected to help in the final consumption of the meal you have been enjoying. The choices range from 4 to 14 pages and each leaves a different taste.


The range of topics around the title theme, The Hunger, is broad enough to appeal to just about every taste of horror reader. There will always be a favorite, and one that just didn’t go down right. But, as they are placed together, they make a good read.

The Hunger does contain some stories that parents might not considerable suitable for their younger readers. Young adult readers may have already encountered some of the ideas presented and I leave that to the discretion of the adults managing their diets.

The authors include some with collections of short stories and books already on the market to new ones earning their earliest publications. It is a nice mix of established flavors and new tastes. All fit in well and are stories that were included because they fit with the work and the theme. This isn’t a vanity work, but a collection highlighting the talents of Utah authors.

I’m glad I picked up a copy of The Hunger at a recent event here in Salt Lake.  I also picked up a copy of the anthology they put out last year. After satiating the pangs welling up from the depths of my being, I am looking forward to another course. I am also looking forward to discussing the stories I’ve read with friends to find out which ones they enjoyed the most.

The Hunger edited by Caryn Larrinaga (Managing Editor), Johnny Worthen, Callie Stoker and Terri Baranowski and published by Twisted Tree Press.


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