"But wait?" the average reader might be thinking right now, "didn't Big Shiny already post a review for Infinity War?" Why yes, we most certainly did, and if you haven't read Bryan's awesome review, you can check it out right here. But  considering this is the culmination of 10 years worth of movie making and nearly 20 films, we figured a multi-prong approach would be the best here and will be publishing various takes and critiques of the film.

So if you want to spend a more leisurely time strolling through the Infinity War garden, check me out on the Bored as Hell Podcast while I sit down with Andy, and we spend a good 40 minutes or so on a deep dive into the film and themes. And it's as spoiler-free as possible, but we will discuss plot revealed in the trailers, so if you want to go in as blind as possible, maybe wait until after the movie.

You can find the podcast here, or check us out on iTunes and Stitcher!

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