The following is a guest post by Mike Gajeski. You can find his game stream at Heythere Kupo, on YouTube.

How do you go about reviewing a game like Civilization VI?  It's one of those you either LOVE and worship the ground it stands on, or you think it's totally boring and don’t get the hype.  Even fans of previous entries are divided on this new take. Today however, we are going to pursue this daunting task and see if we can get this game reviewed.

I have to start off by saying that I have a pretty big bias.  I have played over 200 hours of Civ VI since its release and plan to play hundreds more.  It's one of those games that even if you’ve had a stressful day, you can sit down and just play a few turns (or a few hundred).  Be forewarned, this review is coming from someone who has thoroughly enjoyed the game and loved everything it has to offer.  

Civ VI reminds me of an adage my older brother told me about skiing.  How it was easy to learn but tough to master. Civilization VI is probably the friendliest of all the Civilization games.  The assistance you get can be totally adjusted so that even a new player will be able to pick up the game and start playing.  Where you find the real challenge in Civ is how you master the tools that have been given to you.  

Despite the approachability of this game, to really get into it you need to be willing to spend a few hours playing.  As you progress through the eras, you’ll find more and more complexity waiting for you.  

As I play the game more and more, I still find myself learning new things all the time.  New techniques for ideal city building or different tactics when going to war.  That’s where the game gets ya.  You tell yourself, it’s only one more turn, then you find yourself just going and going and hey, there’s an all-nighter!

The new features of Civ VI lend themselves to those who want to really customize their empire.  Every game I sit down to brings a new puzzle to solve.  In Civ VI, your city is not limited to a single tile but spread out among your empire.  It really forces you to think critically about what you’re doing.

Civilization VI is not for everyone.  It's a game that requires time and patience.  You aren’t going to get the same thrill as getting sweet head shots or taking down an annoying Jungler.  But if you’re willing to put in the time, you will be rewarded with a great, engaging experience.  

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