A sequel to the 2001 cult classic comedy Super Troopers has been long hoped for and rumored. At San Diego Comic-Con in 2006 it was said that a follow up would actually be a prequel, following the father's of the original cast (played by the same actors but with shaggier hair) and would take place in the 70's. 

Since then, the premise has changed. In a 2009 interview with Movie Web the actual plot was revealed. As seen in the above trailer, the story picks up with a border dispute between the United States and Canada. When it is revealed that a town previously thought to be Canadian territory is actually within the borders of the U.S. the troopers are assigned with helping the transition.

"The big picture is that we are on the Canadian border. And in reality, what has happened is that the government has found places where the markers were off, or wrong. And there are these areas of land that were thought to be Canada, but are actually part of the U.S. We are enlisted to patrol this area that was always thought to be Canadian soil. But no, it is actually the United States. We are enlisted because they have to send someone there to help make it part of the U.S. territory now. We get recruited to be the Highway Patrolmen there. And we are surrounded by all of these Canadian people that aren't happy about this. We essentially have to impose U.S. law on a bunch of Canadians that aren't at all happy about it."

Funding for the sequel was obtained via a successful indiegogo campain that raised more than double the 2 million dollar budget needed. Principal photography and post-production have been completed. Super Troopers 2 is set to hit theaters April 20.

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