What do you get when you cross death metal with intergalactic crime fighters? Galaktikon (Albatross). Galaktikon is a project written by Brendon Small (Metalocalypse) with Eric Powell, art by Steve Mannion, and colors by Marissa Louise. Small is a lead singer and guitarist of the death metal band Dethklok. The idea of combining rock music and comic books isn’t new, see Glenn Danzig and his adult-themed Verotik comic book company or GWAR: Orgasmageddon (Dynamite), but it’s one that seems to fit well together.

Galaktikon tells the story of Triton, a spacesuit-wearing human who is an anti-crime solo operative that apparently never removes his helmet. His droid partner T1TS (how apt), is described as being something like R2-D2 with kangaroo legs, who speaks in guitar notes, and appears to be something straight out of Mystery Science Theater. Triton is very much a space Deadpool--foul-mouthed, vulgar, rude and crass.

Triton and his wife Lizyra are divorcing after Liz discovered Triton sent private photos to an underage dancer on Amberia. Triton hires a lawyer to represent him in court, but before the hearing, Triton decides it’s a good time to get sloshed.

The cover belies the story. The saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” should be taken to heart here, because the cover for Galaktikon #1, tells you nothing about the story. In fact it makes Triton appear noble, strong and ready to protect. He is the opposite of exactly every one of those adjectives.

Speaking of the art, it is very 80s indie comic influenced in cases of Liz, her lawyer, and the bailiff. Liz’s alien lawyer and the bailiff, who are both the same species, possess characteristics such as drool, warts, ooze, bloodshot eyes, and wriggly tentacles. Despite the arts serviceability, much like the rest of Galaktikon, it’s not meant to taken seriously.

The story itself takes a back seat to the character of Triton. It is the story of a celebrity marrying the woman he loves (Triton saves her from a mob of crime lords), then makes an irresponsible decision/act, gets divorced and turns to drink. He’s a poor man’s Iron Man without the cool toys.

Albatross Exploding Funnybooks launched in 2002, and has been a labor of love for founder Eric Powell. Powell started Albatross as a means to publish The Goon, his own comic series that mainstream publishers pronounced was too “different”. That is until Dark Horse picked it up. Powell continues to publish creator-owned comics like Galaktikon and many others.

Galaktikon came recommended for those who like rock music and comics. It could be a sleeper hit with fans of this genre. After only one issue it’s too early to tell if the series is worth the money, but if you’re wondering if/how Triton can have a semblance of character growth by issue 6 I say go for it but don’t expect the world in return. The moral of the story is just go with it.

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