The new Wolfenstein Launch trailer is here, and it’s glorious. Bethesda, seemingly without planning this has taken on the mantra of political revolt. Who would’ve known that a game about killing Nazis, who, have been listed and deemed evil since the beginning of World War II, would find itself to be not only controversial but therapeutic? 

In the world of open social media, I was stunned to see people reacting negatively to Bethesda’s “Nazi’s are bad campaign”, when to most of us this is a simple truth.  I was even more happy to see Bethesda double down with their next ad “There is only one side” #nomorenazis. The Nazi punch tweet, in my eyes, said two things. 1 – Nazis are bad, don’t be stupid. 2 – If you disagree GTFO. Generally, I’m all about open-mindedness and hearing the other side, but when it comes to hate, oppression and bigotry, I’m simply not.

Bethesda Tweet Here 

The longer I think about the “angry” video game folk screaming about, “don’t put politics in my game”, the more I realize it’s a sign of immaturity. The idea of exclusion by inclusion. “If we focus on diversity than I won’t be important anymore”. And that, is a scary thing, giving up power is scary, and these outbursts all link to that. The idea that white supremacist groups are on the rise in America because the “White Male” is threatened is not only asinine but terrifying.

So, as a fellow gamer. Someone who has loved the genre for years, I ask the public- don’t be part of the problem, help the industry grow and mature by growing and maturing as a fan base. If you think “they’re politicizing my game, what a bunch of jerks,” evaluate your position and priorities. If you’re angry that a female protagonist is included, rethink why, and look inside.

This industry is going to grow and mature, our world is constantly maturing, and you need to as well. I guess, my ask to gamers is, don’t be part of the problem. 

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