Welcome to Rule 34! Where I watch the porn parodies so you don't have to. In this installment, I'm covering everyone's favorite cartoon duo: Rick and Morty. The people at WoodRocket.com have produced a 21 minute parody film, craftily titled Dick and Morty.

I had to censor this image for my own sanity.

Written by April O'Neil (who also plays Unity spinoff Untitty), Vuko (rocking a great Morty impression), and Lee Roy Myers, Dick and Morty is less of a parody but rather an homage to what fans like about the show. The trailer hints at Pickle Dick (Dickle Rick?) but alas, appears no where in the film. What does appear, however, is a Mr. Meesex, Birdperson (nothing parodied here), and a chair. You know, like the furniture people dimension.

Here are my notes taken in real time:

  • The box of sexy time travel stuff I think is the best call out so far.
  • Honestly having a hard time differentiating between the porno and the actual show.
  • Morty: I’m an adult now! (cut to an aside where he whispers "it’s a porno") so it's not weird.
  • Beth has been hooking up with Mr. Meesex, Birdperson, and a chair?
  • "Lookin’ Schwifty." gotta get in those show references.
  • Portal gun has a green dildo on it. 
  • He transports Unity/Untitty to his garage lab, and this plot line remains utterly depressing as she insists they can't be together.
  • "Spray me with your Szechuan sauce." In which I ponder "remember how Rick and Morty fans are kind of the worst?"
  • "Show me what you got." First of all, that's not even your line, Dick.
  • Body paint doesn’t last forever.
  • Unity/Unitty, in every self referential pronoun, uses the plural. It's kind of amazing.
  • Morty walks in at the end with his usual “aw geez oh man." Where...did he go?
  • The top comment is "To be fair you have to have a really high IQ to fap to Dick and Morty..."
  • Not a Dickle Rick, Pickle Dick, to be seen.

Would I recommend this to Rick and Morty fans? Not really. Had this parody a catchphrase, it would be "wubba lubba dub dub." Not that anyone was in pain. It just could have used some help.

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