Galaxy Of Pen & Paper is a spiritual successor of Knights of Pen & Paper, by Behold Studios. It’s a turn-based “meta” RPG game that features questing and battles. The game itself has a ton of classic pen and paper references. These guys know their pop culture and video game history. They know how to use multiple forms of references to keep things fresh. The meta-nature of the story made me want to know more about this world.

That being said...Is there the option for the DM to call out that one player who thinks that because they Chaotic Neutral, they can do anything they want to anybody they wants without consequence and justify it by saying it’s “in their alignment.”? If there’s one kind of player I can’t stand, it’s the ones who play Chaotic Stupid and just get the party in trouble. “Listen, Steve… Chaotic Neutral isn’t Chaotic Dumb.” I think their real alignment is True Milquetoast. Rant finished. If you were a fan of Knights of Pen and Paper, picking up Galaxy of Pen and Paper is a no brainer and definitely worth it. It sores with genuine charm and is a ton of fun. It's out now on Windows and Mac, with a Linux version to follow, Word! 

PAX WEST 2017 Exclusive Interview ‘Galaxy Of Pen & Paper’:

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