The Mages Of Mystralia is a game written by Ed Greenwood. Ed Greenwood, Forgotten Realms creator...who created Mystra, Goddess of Magic. Ed Greenwood, story creator for Mages of ... Mystra-lia. It ALL makes sense now. While 'T.M.O.M' might remind some of another game called Magicka, It is a similar idea on the surface, but fundamentally different to play. While Magicka has a bunch of pre-programmed spells with specific keystrokes to cast them. This has you actually building spells from component behaviors. The “Magic” per se is not taken for granted in this game. Think of it as a “Legend Of Zelda meets Harry Potter.” However, once you see the game in action, you will notice that it is a completely different experience than anything you might have played before. The Mages Of Mystralia is available now on a wide range of platforms, including Xbox One, PS4, and Steam. We got a chance to speak to Clement Roy with Borealys Games at PAX WEST 2017. Enjoy!

PAX 2017 Exclusive Interview about the action adventure game, 'The Mages Of Mystralia':

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