Battle Chef Brigade is a game that defies convention. I would call it a hybrid of an RPG/Fighter/Platform/Cooking game but it is so much more than that. Maybe, an "Iron Chef" brawler? I don't know. What I do know, Battle Chef Brigade from developers Trinket Studios and publisher Adult Swim has an incredible aesthetic (I could really see this as a Netflix series). I didn't check anything at PAX WEST 2017 that looked like this game. Now, Battle Chef Brigade is about both hunting and cooking. The hunting comes first. You have have to hunt the ingredients before coming back and cooking something for the judges. Judges who (of course!) use ridiculously flowery language to describe the dishes. Nerves will be tested as these rounds are timed and see players take part in match three puzzles. It is a bizarre, cooking tournament based game and we are all better for it. If you've longed for the Suikoden II minigame as many have for over a decade, this will be the game that rekindles your cooking spirit. We got the chance to speak with Ben Perez of Trinket Studios. He talked to us about details in cooking, vegetarian based monsters & celebrity chefs. Battle Chef Brigade will release sometime in the holiday season of 2017 on the Nintendo Switch as well as on PC.

PAX WEST 2017 Exclusive Interview 'Battle Chef Brigade':


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