The biggest selling point of West Of Loathing is the humor, which is something very personal. I mean, if you said "This game is a great RPG", then I would expect it to have the universal traits of a good RPG. But when you say "This game has great humor", I don't know what to expect. My idea of humor may be different from yours, so while you were in stitches, I might have the most "meh" face all along. I can indeed report, this is not a “meh” situation. It is PACKED with intelligent humor. We are talking about multiple levels of goofiness. Now, It’s been quite some time since I played Kingdom of Loathing, but it is a game that makes references and jokes about absolutely everything. Song lyrics, bands, haiku, movies, JRPGS, MST3K, you name it. You see...West Of Loathing is a single-player offspring of Kingdom Of Loathing the long-running stick figure MMO. It ALL makes sense now. It is an RPG to the core and while the turn-based combat is surprisingly mild, don't get it twisted...It is defined by its tight and solid gameplay. West Of Loathing is an absolute gem and should be considered for one of the best of 2017.  We got the chance to speak with Zack Johnson of Asymmetric. He talked to us about making a “video game-video game”, slapstick RPG's & second acts of established titles. West of Loathing is available now on Steam for Windows and Apple PCs for $10.99

PAX WEST 2017 Exclusive Interview West Of Loathing



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