Celeste is a DIFFICULT (i.e. death is consistent) retro-style 2D pixel-art platform adventure about climbing a mountain. While on the surface this might look like a game that can be played here and there when you just want to kill a few minutes. I mean, we all need more of those games every now and again. Think again and be prepared to at least spend a few hours getting good at the game first. It is Nintendo HARD and I say that with respect. Keep in mind that the creator, Matt Thorson, essentially created — or at the very least reinvigorated — the super difficult platformer sub-genre — e.g. Super Meat Boy, I Want To Be The Guy, Cloudberry Kingdom, etc. — with the excellent Jumper series of games. Celeste was one of my top three games that I played at PAX WEST 2017. The music, aesthetic, tight controls (with the “dash” element) and unnamed protagonist (Celeste is the mountain) all won me over times ten! We got the chance to speak with Noel Berry, Matt Thorson & Lena Raine. They chatted with us about the games sound design, making a challenging not frustrating experience and the top of the mountain. Celeste will release on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC in January 2018.

PAX WEST 2017 Exclusive Interview 'Celeste'



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