I’m not sure "50 in 1" is a genre of game any more than "mix tape" is a genre of music. “Spelunky” studio Mossmouth is publishing collection of fifty games in one that look like they were pulled directly from some 1980's alternate universe. UFO 50 is clearly winking at those old (and awful) collections of retro-tanged games. The concept seems to be "Hey, what would it be like if one of those crappy combo cartridges was actually… good?”. After playing UFO 50 at PAX WEST 2017 it looks legit as WHAT and I can't get enough of it. The 50 games will all have a single-player mode and some will have multiplayer, but rest assured, these aren’t little three-minute minigames. The FAQ says you’ll probably need a hundred hours to beat them all. I'm looking forward to playing and completing ALL of them with my this with my Buffalo SNES replica controller. We got a chance to speak to Eirik Suhrke of Mossmouth this past weekend up at PAX WEST 2017. UFO 50’s first trailer and screenshots show some of its 50 games. Check it out:

Exclusive PAX WEST 2017 Interview:



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