Liv Hadden is an incredible young talent and has such a way of writing that draws you through a story in a very personal manner. Her novel, 'In The Mind Of Revenge' is a fantastic roller coaster of a book. The ambiguity of the protagonist's identity really intrigued me. It caused me to become more invested in the book as I had to imagine certain things for myself and "fill in the blanks." There really is nothing like it. Her new project is a great continuation of 'In the Mind of Revenge' Here is the synopsis about 'The Adventures Of Juice Box And Shame':

Li Nguyen, aka Juice Box, has never really had a friend. That is, until he meets the ultra cool, super mysterious Shame. Though Juice Box feels certain this is his new BFF, Shame’s dark past and nefarious entanglements get them both into serious, life-threatening trouble. It doesn’t help that Shame inadvertently pissed off one of the baddest crime bosses in Baltimore, Anna Nguyen (aka Laoban), who also happens to be Juice Box’s cousin. Shame stirred up trouble with a rival game, putting Anna and her crew in a precarious situation. Torn between his love for Anna and his new, exciting friendship with Shame, Juice Box must choose where his loyalties lie. Will he choose family and leave Shame out to dry, or will he choose the only friend he’s ever had, despite the danger?

I got the chance to speak to Liv at the Denver Comic Con. Here is a link to the interview, Enjoy.


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