I love weird books. Novels that don't subscribe to conventional formulas or genres, that question boundaries of our perception or "reality", that refuse to be constricted by reader expectations. While reading 'All The Birds In The Sky', I still managed to be taken aback by the ways in which this book stands outside - or forges its own – tradition. It is superbly written, it has compelling characters, a fast-moving plot, a surprising amount of humor, it is literary, it is a thinker, and it is all wrapped up in a sci-fi and fantasy blend. Now, I have been following the writing of Charlie Jane Anders for YEARS. Charlie Jane was, and remains, the best of what io9 and the science fiction genre itself aspires to be. I was lucky enough to get to interview her at the Denver Comic Con. Here is the interview in its entirety. Sidebar...I was going to edit it down...but, it is CHARLIE JANE ANDERS. Let it roll.



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