This episode features Tom, LucasNick, and Jon

Tom’s doing it live now!

Thank you everyone who came to the swap meet! Tyson bought a dope Star Lord/Preacher jacket, he doesn’t remember it though.

This week, we’re doing a primer episode for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Here’s what we (think we) know:

-New boy/Peter Parker

-No origin story

-Villains are Vulture and Shocker

                -Vulture, originally supposed to appear in spider-man 3 but was replaced with Venom. An inventor and engineer, has a vendetta against Stark Industries.

-Spider-Man suit has an AI.

-How does Tony Stark play into this movie? In the Civil War comics, Tony takes on Peter as an apprentice and he becomes the face of the Superhero Registration Act. Nothing good happens.

-Retconning Peter Parker into the MCU (Iron Man 2)

-Jon forsees this not ending well between Tony and Peter.

-Lucas thinks they are going to borrow from the Miles Morales storylines.

-Feige has said they’re not retreading any ground, so don’t expect the Osbornes to make an appearance.

-Do not buy Amazing Spider-Man because you won’t get what’s going on! Instead, read Spidey. It’s the untold stories of Spider-Man.


Untold Tales of Spider-Man (#20), Spider-Man Blue, Civil War, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Men, Spider-Man Reign, Maximum Carnage, Spectacular Spider-Man

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