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Swap Meet is comin’ up! Jon is going to be interviewing vendors, so get ready for that. June 25, 2-7, beers, brats, cool treasures at the Bohemian Brewery. There will also be a limited run of hats and t-shirts!

This is the super duper abridged E3 coverage podcast, because each conference would need a 45 minute episode. But these game boys have opinions about some of their favorite parts!


He loves Spider-Man games. Spider-Man PS4 comes out next year, in what looks like an open-world and you get more of that Peter Parker personality.

Everyone on the panel was surprised to see this game at E3, because they’re all kind of over the Assassin’s Creed games. This new game puts you in the very first Brotherhood of Assassin’s and actually looks pretty interesting.

Battlefront 2 will cover chapters 1-8 of the Star Wars saga, the single player bridges episodes 4 and 5. It looks like absolute chaos, Jon is thrilled.


Sea of Thieves, an MMO for the Xbox that’s pirate based and you do pirate stuff!

EA press conference, an expensive press conference about FIFA and Need For Speed, and Tom had the epiphany that gaming has become so big that there are corners that don’t market to him—and how cool is that?

Mario Rabbids, Tom is buying it August 29 2017. He’s bizarrely excited. It’s accessible XCOM.


Anthem, what Destiny should have been. “It looks like Titanfall-Destiny” and there’s nothing bad about that. This was the one that these guys are the most excited about.

Lucas is stoked about Metroid Prime 4.

Mario Odyssey because it’s Nintendo so obviously he’s excited.

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