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Invent a coffee drink for Watchtower

                Jon – The Matthew Murdock: (An empty cup? A drink that can’t see you?) It’s a Red Eye, with 15-20 shots of espresso. You’ll go blind from it but it will heighten all your other senses to the extreme and your dad will get murdered.

                Tom – Cup of black coffee, call it the Luke Cage. Maybe add caramel in black coffee, call it the Cloak and Dagger?

                Lucas – Seconded the Luke Cage idea.

                Tyson – Similar to Jon’s, a black coffee with 10-15 shots of espresso, just enough creamer to make the Star Trek insignia on it and it’s called To Boldly Go. Double entendre because you’ll be jacked up and probably have to poop in like 10 minutes.

                More from Jon – (my sweet, prepared prince) The Black Bolt, cuppa coffee TONS of garlic, handfuls of garlic, burning hot. Makes it so you can’t talk but if you do, the power of your breath will knock them out. Chug a pitcher of coffee, call it The Mantis. You ever been around someone who did a ton of cocaine? It’s like that.

~Watchtower Memories~

Jon ran into Rebecca once and had a terrible experience. He had just made amends with a few ex-girlfriends, and it did not go well so he was pretty emotionally raw. Just not stoked to talk to women at all. He just wanted a cup of coffee. Rebecca said hi. He’s trying to inch away from the conversation. They ran out of coffee so he was trapped in awkward perpetuity.

T-Shirts/Merit badges for Jon: Recovering addict, Jewish, fuck my life. Recovering addict, Jewish, slightly below average penis but only slightly. Horrible credit score.  

Swap Meet

It’s the 4th event! Has anyone swapped meat with the guys before? It’s at the Bohemian Brewery on June 25th from 2:00-7:00. 25 to 35 vendors to choose from! For $40, You get a table, a brat, and a “fountain drink.” They are also doing a brewery tour for $10 and you get a pint glass! It’s secondhand nerd stuff, comics, action figures, video games, etc.

Tyson bought Danielle a Playboy at a previous Swap Meet.

Jon tells more stories, you’ll have to listen because I don’t want to give away the farm.

Why should you listen to BSPC?

Fuck Rebecca and her lists.

What they talk about instead

Let’s talk about Mario Kart and video games instead. Tom mansplains video games.

Tyson says watch Silicon Valley (but TJ Miller is leaving), Veep, all those HBO shows.

Lucas and Danielle still going strong.

A great, fun game of Fuck, Marry, Kill. 

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